Hello Beautiful,

Are you ready to meet your best new self? Allow me to introduce you to your month long support system, La Luna Tide.

If you’ve noticed patterns in the way you feel at certain times of the month (& I’m not just talking about PMS), know that you’re not alone. La Luna Tide MoonBox teas were created from scratch to support balance and confidence through each lunar phase women experience every month. I will teach you what the phases mean as you drink the teas – and why they matter.

After committing to a natural lifestyle, I learned the importance of connecting our natural phases to daily life. This experience changed my life so much that I created a box to share this knowledge with every women under the sun (and moon)!

I took all the complex parts and pieces learned over months of working with doctors to build this simple gift for you. I ask that you be bold and commit to my 28-day moon challenge by drinking LLT's MoonBox teas to better understand your body. Women who have done so told me how much stronger and more secure they feel knowing each phases natural strength.        Let's get bold.

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- Megan Lavorato 
  La Luna Tide ™