Why Track Your Cycle With Tea?

Meet Miss Luna
She’s bare and waist-deep in the sea, taking time for herself to appreciate the moon. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Newsflash: She’s you--your innermost self, and you’re honoring her with every sip you take of LLT tea, as well as with every other good thing you do for you mind, body and soul. Miss Luna is your most connected, calm and grounded self.

And, bonus! She’s on every MoonBox to serve as a visual reminder for why we’re drinking these teas every day. If we don’t take care of ourselves, firstly, honestly, openly and without apology, we cannot take care of others. We’re the only ones who can provide what our inner selves most need, even if it’s just for a few moments each day.

There’s something sacred in the water.
Like language, water is a powerful source of connection for us. Women’s work used to be very attached to water--harnessing the cleansing, ever-changing, yet balanced power in our daily lives. I want to reconnect women with this power, whether we live near the sea or not. Time for connecting with the ancient tides be will saved for only vacation no longer! Water is integral to who we are: it makes up about 60% of our bodies! Miss Luna is bravely immersed in the water, tapping into her natural strengths, deeply calming and grounding herself. This connection is possible for all of us, each day in as simple a way as our tea ritual. It provides a moment for us to revel in the beauty and life water brings. (You can almost hear the waves, can't you?)


Ok, she’s lovely and all, but why use tea for hormone tracking?
Well, because an app alone doesn't keep us connected, or teach us what's happening day-to-day. We tend to forget about our cycles until we've overreacted to something or realized we’re a day or two late. Though beverages can be a rushed experience if you simply drop tea bag in your to-go mug and run out the door, for centuries it has been a more meditative practice. In many countries all over the world, there are full ceremonies honoring tea etiquette! No, you don’t need to go that far, but you can find a happy balance.

By making our tea ritual a brief moment for mindfulness, day-to-day, we'll be better equipped to capture the divine feminine. Tracking our hormones daily, through a practical, nourishing and enjoyable experience significantly improves our lives--which is my personal mission.

La Luna Tide is here to be your daily, month-long support system. Get started today!

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Are you a water lover? Beach junky or bubble bath connoisseur? Let us know your favorite way to connect with the power of water. Tag us @LaLunaTideMoonBox and share your story.


Let's get bold.

Megan Lavorato

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