Story Time: Why I Started This Thing

Hey Ladies. I’m Megan. It’s nice to meet you--I’m so glad you’re here. As a member of La Luna Tide community, I’ll get to know you in a few different ways, so it only seemed fair that I start out by introducing myself in a bit more detail.

I live in Austin, Texas, but am a native New Yorker. I describe my life as having as many challenges as blessings… I’m close with my family, and have an incredible network of friends who support all my crazy adventures. I’ve had the opportunity to travel, study, and work abroad, which changed my perspective on a lot of things. But, I also paid my way through school, and built a career from from the ground up. All this while dealing with chronic health issues that zapped my energy, and took a metric ton of time, resilience, and money to sort out.

Here on the other side of that serious challenge, I’ve begun to focus on finding peace, joy and radiance in the little, everyday things. Don’t get me wrong--I’m still a straight-shooter and haven’t gone full “woo woo”. But I have honestly found that looking at life with a positive lens is the secret to success. Not so secret, really, right? 

So, what does that mean for you, potential moonbox tea drinker? Well, it means that LLT is more than tea. It’s a community of women who are ready to learn more about what the hell is happening with their bodies.

I created these teas from scratch because no one else was doing it, and I needed it. I began listening to my body--it was shouting at me, as I had silenced it for too long. I wanted to better understand and nourish my body via daily, attainable and realistic routines. So I dug into research on natural ingredients that support women’s health all month long. Not just when PMS-ing or lactating. The marvelous Dr. Glen Luepnitz Ph. D., helped guide me each step of the way. I transformed my kitchen and started telling my friends about the tea I was hand blending and how much it was helping me; they all wanted in. So here we are. Welcome.

 Here’s the skinny: I hope LLT helps you live your best life. But really. No hashtags needed. We’re keeping things simple, because my life (and yours I’m sure) is packed -- as it should be! We’re supporting a more balanced, bold life, on the daily. We are all a little different now than we were yesterday. When you drink your tea, it will be your moment to get unstuck, to revel in all you accomplished, to take it a little easy for once. It’s your time to forget everyone else and ask yourself: how are you?

I’ll be here with you every day. Let’s get bold.



Oh, and for y’all in Austin: Guess what? Milk + Honey (2nd Street District) is helping us launch our teas! So, treat yourself to a little downtown spa time and pick up your tea for next month. Help us spread the word!


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