Know Your Phases. Enliven Your Life. All Month Long.

If you’ve been following my story, you know that my mission is to create products that support women. La Luna Tide MoonBox teas help us get in touch with our hormones, dynamic charisma and natural strengths. So how does a MoonBox tea accomplish this, exactly?

Here’s the deal: As you go mug to mug, box to box, you’ll be reminded daily about what’s going on with your hormones (read: moods). And, you’ll be supported by specific ingredients--that will either enhance or prevent certain effects in each phase of the month.

After going off birth control, I noticed patterns in my monthly tides. There’d be a week where I felt very confident, as if I could conquer the world, and then just a few days later I’d feel overwhelmed by the smallest of things. These changes were new to me, so I started to do some research.

I learned that all of these changes were normal, natural and could have a positive impact on my life -- so long as I remembered what, when and why things were happening. Keeping track of all those details was a nightmare. So, I challenged myself to create an approachable, simple and fun routine to stay on top of my body’s ever-changing tide in order to do and be my best, every day. Even if that means doing “nothing productive” some days!

The Hormonal Phases

Once I knew what was happening hormonally during each week of each month, I could tie that to my fluctuating moods. Knowledge is power! I began allowing myself to relax during what I call my WildWoman phase (week 4). During this phase, I’d notice myself struggling to focus or accomplish goals, thanks to decreasing estrogen, progesterone and a spike in FSH.

If I was aware of my pre-ovulation Enchantress phase in week 2, I could plan nights out with girlfriends, while saving nights in for my Goddess phase (week 3). Additionally, I’d wait to schedule creative events until I got to my Visionary phase (week 1), so that I’d be using my organic strengths to their fullest potential.

Sisters: this level of understanding is right around the corner! You too can match your monthly schedule with your body’s natural tide. Ready to learn more? Start here!

The Right Ingredients for Each Phase

Let’s get real: it’s not just our moods that change week-to-week. Maybe you’ve noticed that as your body gears up for menstruation, your favorite jeans don’t fit quite right. It’s not your imagination, and it’s not permanent. During your Goddess and WildWoman phases, your body tends to retain more water (due to the fact that there'd be a baby growing in there if the egg were fertilized). To help combat that bloated feeling, we put real tangerine and lime peels in The Citrus Sunset and The Cosmopolitan.

Curious about what else is going on in each tea bag? Get even more details on why we include exactly the ingredients we do.  

*    *    *

Providing an easy way to match your natural strengths with your daily activities is just a part of what we’re doing here at La Luna Tide. Let us know how it’s working for you! Tag us @LaLunaTideMoonBox and share your story.

Let’s get bold.

Megan Lavorato

PS. Remember last week when I announced our Milk + Honey partnership? Well there’s more! I want to introduce you to their mini set; it has been my lifesaver when traveling. It’s so hard to find all natural products in AirBnBs, hotels, offices, friends’ places etc. but now you’re never without! Also there’s just enough space for your Moonbox tea bags to join the party no matter where you’re traveling.

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