How LLT MoonBox Teas Got Their Name

Let’s talk about nomenclature. The language we use--the words we assign to things--is integral to the thing itself. For minority groups of all kinds, and women are one, language is power. Stay with me here. How we talk about ourselves, from our looks and our bodies to our moods and our goals, matters. Femininity has long been associated with the moon; women’s bodies are affected by it, just like the tides. So, La Luna Tide came easily--as I naturally revel in my own womanhood. But what about MoonBox and why four moons? The name for our tea collection was inspired by nights on my roof in downtown Austin.

Here’s the story:  

It was a hectic time in my life--I was learning about my uncensored hormones after being on birth control since age 15. I couldn’t find decent information online about how to manage the unexpected, challenging changes I was experiencing. I’d stumble upon blogs that were way too out-there for me or go down a rabbit hole of dense medical jargon, which was too technical to parse through, even for my type-A self.

So I finally went to the source, and started talking to my doctor face-to-face. I gained valuable insights from him that led me to the ingredients in my teas. As I fine-tuned my recipes month after month, I was in the midst of long work-weeks, so I’d take a mug to my roof and just breathe. Even with the city surrounding me, I noticed that intensely good and bad days seemed to align with a full moon or new moon.


This revelation made me feel secure. This ancient nomenclature that had previously felt “assigned” to me now provided the kind of dependability only nature provides. When I was able to disconnect from technology and all the noise and pressures of daily life, looking up at the moon with my tea in hand, I established a deeper relationship with myself. So, the MoonBox was born.  

Then, I got to name each tea.


A New Spin on Classic Cocktails

Our tea names likely sound familiar….a quick flashback to every Carrie Bradshaw order on Sex In The City, or from your last fast and furious weekend in New Orleans. The tea names are inspired by cocktails, because, well, why not?! Because it makes sacred tea time more fun, memorable and the flavors align with ingredients our bodies need during each phase.

They are what they are because, firstly, I want you ladies to better understand your phases via each flavor. We call it the Blue Sazerac not just for the color, but because your testosterone levels are balanced during days 1-7, and The Sazerac was a gentleman’s drink in old New Orleans. Similarly, the Cosmo calls to mind a gorgeous gal letting loose in NYC, which is exactly how you should feel during your Wildwoman phase!

Secondly, can we all relax about drinking tea? It’s not some formal thing only for special events or journaling--it’s a fun, nourishing and delicious experience. We rely so much on alcohol for an after hours release -- why not flip the switch to tea? (Though we’re certainly not saying you should never have the real thing!)

*      *     *

The reclaiming of tea drinking as a daily ritual to promote balance, nourishment and education is just a part of what we’re doing here at La Luna Tide. We’re also proud to share other natural products like the Milk + Honey Mini Set that have become a life-saver for both in-person pampering and life on-the-go.

Let us know your favorite ways to get back to nature and re-connect with yourself. Tag us @LaLunaTideMoonBox and share your story.


Let's get bold.

Megan Lavorato

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