A Deep-dive into Our Anti-Anxiety, Nutrient-Dense Ingredients

As I’ve been out and about sharing samples of La Luna Tide’s MoonBox tea over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a pattern in the questions I get. Most people want to know why there are four flavors, if they have to drink them in order, and what the unique, natural ingredients really do. So here we go: mysteries unveiled!

Do I have to drink the teas in order?
You can drink them whenever you choose, but they were developed to support specific hormonal tides that happen each week. I recommend following your cycle for highest impact. However, the ingredient blends are simply good for you, no matter when you drink the teas-- even men can drink them (and they do)!

Can’t I just drink regular antioxidant teas?
Maybe, but they won’t be nearly as enjoyable. It took me months to formulate these teas to taste as good as they make you feel. Damiana is intense. Ashwaghanda is bitter. Tribulus is jagged -- to touch and taste. When I steeped cornsilk for the first time I spit it out it was so dreadful. Pretty much every antioxidant-rich, incredibly useful ingredient tastes unpleasant as a single-ingredient tea. Once I realized this, it became a fun challenge. How can I create a way for women to reap the benefits of these natural ingredients; but in a manner that’s actually pleasant--unlike my initial experience?

Why is the base important?
Our base is comprised of decaf sencha matcha green tea so you can enjoy in the morning or at night -- whatever fits your routine best. Sencha itself is nutrient-dense and has some of the highest levels of l-theanine and antioxidants available. L-theanine turns jitters or stress into calm focus. Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed and greet your new high-achiever attitude.  

And the ashwaghanda? Ladies: this stuff is magic. This natural ingredient is SO powerful in fighting against anxiety. Your brain won't get reliant on it like anti-anxiety medicine, which is huge because women are massively over-prescribed anxiety meds. This ingredient has truly changed my life. Now my type-A, OCD self can finally relax without needing to lean on synthetic pills which affect the chemical composition of our brain.

How and why do the flavors change each week?
Overall, the herbal ingredients in each flavor change week by week to support the tides our mood and body experience throughout the month.

  • Week 1: The Visionary (AKA: period week). Many women tend to have digestion issues during week one, so I incorporated gentian flowers to help combat those symptoms. I added evening primrose oil for its anti-acne benefits, since we tend to get breakouts thanks to progesterone. Gentian flower supports healthy blood sugar levels, which support healthy living as we tend to crave sweets during this week.
  • Week 2: The Enchantress (AKA: frisky week). This is the time of the month most women have an increase in libido. So, I built a tea with rose petals to support glowing skin and tribulus to keep that healthy appetite going strong all week long. My favorite aphrodisiac, damiana doesn’t just make you want to get it on, but actually improves sexual satisfaction. WINNING.
  • Week 3: The Goddess (AKA: bloat week). Nothing pulls you out of a good mood faster than feeling bloated and sensitive. Welcome to week three. Try sipping on your Citrus Sunset; the tangerine peels help prevent tender breasts and reduce water weight. I added coconut oil for energy and an easy liver detox. I also included dandelion root to fight inflammation and promote muscle relaxation.
  • Week 4: The WildWoman (AKA: bold week). You’re going to get a lot done this week if you channel your natural strengths correctly. No time to manage annoying PMS symptoms? No worries. Your Cosmo tea has cranberry for antibacterial benefits, corn silk corn for detox and weight management, and licorice root for digestion and adrenal relief. And let’s not forget the Dong Quai. This herb is a damn miracle for women. It supports red blood cell counts, treats painful periods, helps regulate estrogen… the benefits go on and on!

Have you started drinking MoonBox Teas? What’s your favorite flavor? Tag us @LaLunaTideMoonBox and let us know!

Let's get bold.
Megan Lavorato

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